We are an Internet based Liason Company, striving to empower patients by Liaising between the patient, dentist and the dental laboratory in order to provide you with more affordable non-invasive, non-surgical dental appliances,

"Exactly the same appliances you find in the dental office, just a lot cheaper"

We are in no way whatsoever trying to dissuade you from going to the dentist.  The dentist will be the best place to get an appliance, but because of the large volumes of order we get, it is possible for us to negotiate a better price from dental laboratories. 

We then supply you with a home impression kit as well as a certified laboratory device.  In most parts of the world it is acceptable and legal to take your own dental impression in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Just follow the easy step by step instruction or see the YouTube video for further assistance.

In some countries, such as South Africa, the dental industry is regulated by councils, so you simply take your impression kit to your prescribing dentist, as well as the custom made appliance for final fitment.  You now have the power to negotiate a better price because you supply the materials as well as the final product.  The dentist cannot inflate the price to double or even more as is the norm.

We receive orders from all over the world so please ensure that you comply with the Laws and By-Laws of your jurisdiction.

"Please be responsible and careful as your successful experience is important to us"